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Samaritans Walk


 Samaritans Walk opened in 2010 inside of the Ashland Athletic Club after being challenged to work with a client who had suffered a spinal cord injury. This was an enlightening experience and one that would change our niche. Ever since our opening date, we have expanded our expertise and business growth in order to help those who are trying to better themselves. We are a family run business that strives to strengthen the lives of others. Sessions are by appointment only.

Our Owners

David Brown founded Samaritans Walk in 2010. He graduated from Old Dominion University with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. He is an experienced Olympic style weightlifter of 40 years, holding state and national titles. Dave is a certified para powerlifting coach and has been personal training for 10 years. Dave is a coach in training for Team USA Para Powerlifting.

Caitlin Brown, Dave’s daughter, graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management with a concentration in Exercise Science. She has competed in Olympic style weightlifting and holds state titles. Caitlin is a certified personal trainer, certified para powerlifting coach, and a certified sports nutrition consultant. Caitlin is the Secretary for the United Spinal Association of Virginia and is a coach in training for Team USA Para Powerlifting.  




Samaritans Walk is now a regional sanctioned hub for USA Para Powerlifting. We offer training sessions for those who are interested in this sport. For further information, check out the USA Para Powerlifting page.


We provide specialized personal training to suit your needs and goals. Your workouts are created to be challenging yet achievable.


At Samaritans Walk, we provide unique and specialized personal training for those with spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disabilities, and amputees. We have worked with a variety of disorders and disabilities and are always willing to work with something new. Please call, text, or email for an appointment.


431 England Street

Asland, VA 23005

Located inside of the Ashland Athletic Club

More contact information:

David:     (804)641-9784

Caitlin:     (804)317-6740


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